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Channel Partner Programmes

A comprehensive solution for running incentive schemes such as Marketing Development Funds, Rebates and Rewards as part of a channel partner marketing programme. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

One central hub
We rely heavily on our channel partners, but at the moment, nearly every programme is stored on a different system! Can you help us to gather all of this information in one place?
Yes! Q:be creates a centralised hub for all of your channel partner programmes. It supports your marketing development fund, rebates and other incentives. Plus, the dashboard is fully customisable – so you can keep the most useful information within easy reach.
Ready to adapt
We evaluate and update our channel partners on a regular basis, is this something Q:be is able to support?
In Q:be, you can create, update and suspend partner accounts on an ad-hoc basis or in bulk. We can even sync company and contact details with Salesforce.
Partner self-serve
Marketing development fund (MDF) requests take up too much of our time. Is there any way we can empower our partners to enter their own requests?
Our intuitive, self-serve interface encourages partners to enter their own MDF requests and claims. The workflow Q:be then makes sure any requests are sent to the right people for approval – we can base this on the partner’s profile, budget or value. What’s more, any approved requests can be integrated with your ERP system and connected with your marketing campaign budget.
Global solutions
We’re a global company handling multiple campaigns. We need to be able to organise our channel marketing budgets by region – is this possible?
Q:be can fully support this. You can arrange your budgets by region, campaign or partner type. Our clever system even enables partners to track performance in their local currency, thanks to FX rate integration and global currency reporting.
Helpful notifications
We need our channel partners to be more aware of what’s coming up and what they need to have ready. Can you help?
Yes! The workflow tool sends notifications and alerts automatically and you can customise email content for important reminders. There’s even an interactive calendar to keep everyone in the loop.
Performance tracking
We need to get much better at tracking proof of performance. We have no idea which of our partners are working hardest for us!
Q:be provides intelligent proof of performance and KPI tools. Once you’ve defined the requirements for a specific MDF activity, the system automatically tracks your targets against the information provided by partners.
Contra budgets covered
We would like to be able to calculate accruals for contra budgeted MDF activities.
No problem. Q:be offers accruals reporting for both expense and contra budgets. What’s more, with invoices attached to every claim, streamlining approvals and payments couldn't be easier.
Automated reporting
We need to deliver a variety of different reports, including payment and credit reports - can your system help with this?
Q:be supports the whole cycle – from the initial MDF request right through to customisable reporting, including payments and credits. With the ability to automate regular reports, your accounts payable/receivable teams will be delighted.
Rich programme management
We’re currently calculating and tracking our channel rebates in spreadsheets – as you can imagine, it’s very labour intensive and prone to error! Can you help us to speed this up?
Definitely. Q:be enables rich rebate programme management. It even supports rapid programme building by enabling you to define incentives by product groups, countries, partner type, eligibility, quarter and year.
Performance-driven rebates
Could we set rebate targets based on prior performance, programme business rules, Salesforce scorecards and other attributes?
Yes. Q:be automatically integrates your active partners and distributers, so it's able to highlight their eligibility for a specific rebate programme. What’s more, Q:be streamlines performance tracking, ensuring you have the information you need to make the right decisions.
Modelling new ideas
We want to be able to model different rebate/incentive ideas – then get the most effective ideas approved. Is it possible to do this within Q:be?
Not only can you configure example models, you can run and analyse example data sets. Once an idea is chosen, approvals are made easier thanks to Q:be’s intelligent workflow.
Offer letters automated
The process of producing rebate offer letters for each partner is time-consuming and labour intensive – can you help?
Yes, we can. Q:be automates the production of offer letters and distributes them to partners using a mail merge.
New ways to incentivise
We'd like to incentivise our partners. It would be great if they could track their progress via a self-serve system, and if we could draw their attention to performance-boosting activities...
Of course. Q:be enables partners to track their own performance in real-time. It also serves up automated alerts and reminders that support incentivisation and help you to maintain contact. In addition, management, operations and finance are able to check the accuracy of all claims and confirm final rebates.
Sharing success
We would like to be able to share our partners' progress with sales managers and senior executives. An internal reporting dashboard would be really helpful.
With everything tracked in one system, sharing your partners' progress with senior teams couldn’t be easier – we even offer management-level reporting against budgets.

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